PT2000 Battery Mgnt Services
PT4000 Desktop Voting Repeaters
PT7000 Standby Controller
Eclipse1 Smart IP Power Amplifier
Eclipse2 BLPR2500
Sales contact for East
Cell - 662-396-1400
Sales contact for West Cell - 701- 235-2322
Instructions for obtaining quotes and placing purchase orders. Please call or email Steve Leach (701) 235-2322 email: sleach@rft-a.com or Doug Musser (662) 396-1400 - email: dmusser@ipmn.com.

Warranty Policy: RF Technology Americas warranties its products against all factory defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for a period of 1 year from date of purchase.

Returns Policy: Returns need to have an RMA issued within 30 days of purchase from our Lufkin office, shipped back to RF Technology Americas prepaid. Restocking fees may apply.

DIR Contract Website:

DIR Cooperative Contracts http://dir.texas.gov/View-About-DIR/Pages/Content.aspx?id=41

DIR Contract Number:
DIR-TSO-3966 Award date; 8/11/2017
DIR Contract
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