Eclipse1 Series
Latest News
• Flexibility of Tx/Rx combination provides simples/half duplex/duplex configuration.
• Easy programming and monitoring user interface: ServiceMonitor software.
• High sensitivity and outside band rejection.
• Output stage protection at high VSWR or high temperature.
• Various audio and control interfaces.
Overall Specification
Frequency 66-88MHz
Modulation Analog FM
Channel Spacing 25kHz / 12.5kHz
Programmable Channels 100
VCO Control Synthesized Phase - Lock loop
Voltage 13.8 VDC
Temperature -30o C ~ +60o C
RF Connector 50 ohm N type (TX) / BNC or N type (RX)
Size 1U 19 inch rack mount
483mm x 360mm X
45mm (WXDXH)
Weight 5.25kg
Receiver Specification
Sensitivity 0.25uV @12dB
0.35uV @20dB
Frequency Stability 1ppm UHF, 2.5ppm VHF
Selectivity 80dB (25kHz) / 70dB (12.5kHz)
Spurious Rejection 90dB
Intermodulation 80dB
Deviation Acceptance 7.5kHz / 3.75kHz
Noise Squelch 6 ~ 26dB
Carrier Squelch 1 ~ 200uV
Audio Frequency Response +1 ~ -3dB (EIA603)
Audio Output -10dBm ~ +10dBm, 600ohm
0.3V ~ 1.5VRMS, unbalanced
0.3V ~ 2.0VRMS discriminator
3W, 4ohm speaker
Distortion less than 3%
COS Output opto12V, 0v output or floating switch
Transmitter Specification
Output Power 5W ~ 25W
Frequency Stability 1ppm UHF, 2.5ppm VHF
Spurious Rejection 80dBc
Hum and Noise 50dB
FM Deviation 5kHz / 2.5kHz
Audio Input Level -20dBm ~ +10dBm
Audio Frequency Response +1 ~ -3dB (EIA603)
Audio Interface Line 600ohm, HiZ 10k ohm
Distortion Less than 3%
Sales contact for US
David Butts, National Sls Mgr
Cell - 205-456-8085
Doug Musser
Sales Consultant
Cell - 662-396-1400