PT2000 Paging Series
PT2000 Series
Universal Paging Transmitter

ThePT2000 Desktop Paging Transmitter is a compact, self-contained exciter/transmitter with a built-in power amplifier and an AC power supply. Like its high-end counterpart, (PT4000 Series), the PT2000 features rugged, field proven modular construction, PC programming/metering facilities and alarms. The PT2000 interfaces to the paging terminal/encoder via a single multi-conductor cable.
  1. Compact (12.4” X 12.72”) footprint.
  2. Modular construction.
  3. Direct FM - tone, voice, and digital modulation (including FLEX and POCSAG).
  4. 100% duty cycle up to 10 watts.
  5. Built-in 110VAC or 220VAC power supply with detachable cord (IEC-320 connector).
  6. Field programmable TTL or RS-422 digital interface.
  7. Single 9-pin “D” connector interface for both analog and digital applications.
  8. Desktop or wall-mountable.
  9. Optional Pocsag Encoder allows PC to become terminal.
PT2000 Paging Transmitters
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Frequency Bands: VHF UHF 800/900
Frequency Ranges: 148-174MHz 400-440MHz
Export Frequency Band: Contact factory for complete listing of export frequency bands
Power Output (adjustable): 4-25 watts 4-25 watts 4-15 watts
Output Impedance: 50Ω 50Ω 50Ω
RF Output Port: Rear mounted “N” female connector
Duty Cycle: 100% duty cycle up to 10 watts, 75% at 15 watts, 50% above 15 watts.
Frequency Stability
2 ppm 1 ppm 1 ppm
Temperature Range: -10 to + 60 degree -30 to + 60degree -30 to + 60degree
Frequency Stability
1 ppm
Temperature Range: -30 to +60 degree    
Channel Spacing (standard): Others Optional, Contact
12.5/25/30kHz 1212.5/25kHz 12.5/25Khz
Deviation: 4.5kHz Nominal (@ 25kHz channel spacing)
Modulation: 16K0F3E +/-5kHz analog (@ 25kHz channel spacing)
20KoF2D +/-5kHz digital (@ 25kHz channel spacing)
Channel Selection: 8 channels via external controller
Spurious Emissions: Less than .25μ watt
Harmonic Output: Less than -80dBc
Programming: PC programmable via (rear) chassis mounted 25-pin male “D” connector (requires
programming kit)
Metering: RF Power, Forward/Reverse Power and General Alarms (metering requires a PC)
Power Supply: 110V, 60Hz, or 220V 50Hz, 8A (6.5A continues) switching power supply with detachable
AC cord
Power Switch: Front panel mounted AC On/Off switch
Indicators: Front panel mounted LED indicators (Alarm; TX; and power)
Serviceability: Easily serviceable, fully modular construction
Dimensions: 315mm (W) x 323mm (D) x 70mm (H) - less connectors, but including fee (12.4” x
12.72” x 2.73”)
Net Weight: 5.0Kg typical (11 lbs.)
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