The PT4000 Paging Transmitter is another in the family of a robust progression of single site paging products provided by RF Technology Americas INC. The series includes modular construction, full metering, and expandability to provide channel monitoring and link control receivers or wire line control inputs. The PT4000 paging transmitter will accept any combination of tone, voice, and digital formats including FLEX and POCSAG. The transmitters may be designed with a paging terminal, link receiver, guard receiver, link transmitters, and antenna systems. Additionally, many other options are available for completely configured systems. For more information regarding this superior product, call RF Technology and speak with the sales department about your requirements.

Modular construction. 100% duty cycle.
Field programmable TTL or RS-422 digital interface.

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PT4000 Paging Transmitters
Power Output 10-100, 250-500Watts (through specified PAs)
Turning Range 66-88; 136-174; 2q6-245; 350-521; 928-942MHz in various sub-band
Emission Designator(s) 16K0F3E, 20K0F2D, 16K0F2D, 11K0F2E, 11K0F3E & 11K0F2D
Maximum Bit Rate 2400 Baud; 2-Level FSK NRZ
Pre Emphasis Selectable Flat or Pre-emphasized
Output Device Transistor of FET (power & band dependent)
FCC Type Acceptance No KRET 150B; 500B; 800; 800C
Transmitter Type Direct FM
Method of Tuning Synthesized
Pulse Characteristics Compliant with requirements of Emission Designators
Frequency Stability 1 PPM VHF, Supplied w/opt TCXO, 1 PPM UHF/900MHz
Emission Bandwidth Complaint with rules of Emission Designators
Max Modulation Frequency 3000Hz
Deviation Ratio Programmable to comply with Emission Designator(s)
Audio Distortion <2%
Digital Formats All bi-level modes to 2400 baud standard
FM Signal to Noise >55 dB Psophometric below 3 kHz deviation
Channel Spacing 25kHz, 30kHz, 12.5kHz, 7.5kHz
Channel Selection Binary Coded Select Lines
Spurious Emissions -75 dBc or Lower
Harmonic Output 2nd: -80 dBc - 3rd: -80 dBc - Others: -80 dBc
Metering/ Ext Monitoring: OPTIONAL. RF Power - Forward/Reverse, DC Amperes, DC voltage-Driver/Final, Input Power (above 150 Watt model)
External Monitoring Remote monitoring, output connector std (above 150 Watt model)
Power Supply 115/230 VAC, 50-60Hz
Alarm Indicators OPTIONAL. RF on, SWR, Over temp, Low Power (above 150 Watt model)
STD Cabinet Dimensions 23” W x 30” H x 24” D
Optional Cabinets 46” Tall, 72” Tall, 84” Tall
Link RX & TX 72 MHz, VHF, UNF, 800 & 900MHz
Others VHF transmitter for narrow band operation requires the
optional 1 PPM (-30 to +60°C)
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